Therapy in Music

Musical musings for reflection


on November 19, 2014

Dangerous By Robin Thicke

  • I’m dangerous
    So dangerous
    I’m dangerous
    You better stay away
    Stay away from me
    I’m dangerous
  • I’m dangerous
    So dangerous
    Your a lone hitchhiker
    And I’m a traveling truck
    You better not get on this ride
    You might lose your luck
    I’m dangerous
  • You better heed the signs
    That’s coming across both nights
    Starlight in years
    I’m slippery and wild
    Caution and red flags
    I’m gonna cross that line
    I’m dangerous
  • So don’t you
    Don’t you say maybe
    Baby I’m crazy
    Crazy for wanting
    Wanting you badly (badly)
    Badly I’m serious
    And you’re so curious
    But I’m too dangerous
  • You better not kiss me once
    You better not fall in love
    I’m a pterodactyl
    And you’re a wondering dove
    I don’t mean to be greedy
    But it’s never enough
    I’m dangerous
  • I tell you I love you
    And I believe it’s true
    Or that I’ll do something
    So bad to you
    And you’ll say I hate you
    And you’ll be screaming in a dream
    Where no one can hear you
  • So don’t you, don’t you say
    Maybe, maybe I’m crazy
    Crazy for wanting, wanting you
    Badly, madly I’m serious
    And your so curious
    I’m too dangerous
  • You’re idealistic
    So filled with glee
    You see me as your shiny prince
    But I’m a treacherous king
    You’ll accept my olive branch
    But I’m poison ivy
  • I’m dangerous
    So dangerous
    You better stay away
    Stay away from me
    I’m dangerous

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