Therapy in Music

Musical musings for reflection

Only You

on April 29, 2013

Only You
by Taken By Trees

All I ever wanted was a friend to me
Who knew I was in for such a treat
This is far beyond what I imagined
Not even as I fantasized
And I knew
Yes I do, ’bout you
And start a second scene
There is only you for me, Oh-o
Oh-o-Only You
Honey, do you want to take a chance on me?
Walk up and say “we do”
No one ever moved me the way you move
You really knock my off my feet
It’s true
Yeah, baby, it’s true-oo-o
As far as I can see
There’s only you for me
And o-oh-only you
Only You
And only you
All I wanted….
All I wanted…
All I want.

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