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Turn Your Love Around

on March 1, 2013

Turn Your Love Around

as performed by George Benson on Soul Train

Fun Song Facts:

  • Jeff Porcaro and David Paich of Toto also played on this track. Porcaro used a Linn drum machine, which was one of the first uses of the device in a Pop song. They tried replacing it with real drums, but it didn’t sound right.
  • This was a #1 R&B hit, and it won a Grammy for Best Rhythm & Blues Song.
  • Benson is a popular Jazz singer-guitarist, but he didn’t play guitar on this song…

You’ve got the love
You’ve got the power
But you just don’t understand
Girl, you’ve been charging by the hour
For your love
I’m tryin’ to show how much I love you
Still believe in romance
You’re taking way too many chances
With my love
I remember
When you used to be
The talk of the town
All you get is lonely
Turn your love around
Don’t you turn me down
I can show you how
Turn your love around
Without the woman I can make it
But I need the girl to stay
Oh, don’t you let the lady take it
When all I need’s a taste of yesterday
But you stay at home
All they get is lonely
… … …
Oh girl you know me
I’m alone until you show me
That you’re still in love with me
We’re gonna make it
We’re gonna take it
Back where we belong
… … …
Turn your love around
This time the girl became a woman
Don’t you turn me down
Every woman needs a man
I can show you how
I love the girl, I love the woman
Turn your love around
… … …

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