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Now that you mention traffic…

Oh         My         Goodness

What kind of commute do you have to deal with? I used to have a 20-minute drive with no traffic – about 14 miles one way. Easy Peasy.

I got a new job.

My commute is still about 14 miles one way, and about 40-50 freaking minutes! 30 of which are split between sitting at two different lights. It’s not like I haven’t tried a different way ether. I have. Actually, three of us at work have analyzed it and every way we go, the time seems to be pretty much the same. So, I guess we have resigned ourselves to sitting in the car watching other people get frustrated instead.

Yesterday I actually listened to my Joss Stone CD for the drive home (I guess I inspired myself). With a special focus on “Victim of a Foolish Heart”. I love all the songs on that album because each and every one touches my heart in a different way – but all the songs move me and make me want to really sing out loud.

I focus on that song especially because my daughter and I were talking about guys and how girls treat them. When I mentioned that some girls make a habit of “breaking” perfectly good men she asked me what I meant. I wish I had told her to listen to this song and imagine how she sees some of the girls at her school treat their boyfriends. It’s prety much like that, but I told her that sometimes girls don’t realize that the awesome guy they have is really just that, pretty freaking awesome. And when Mr. Awesome doesn’t take them to a movie every Friday or buy them new bling all the time, they freak out and start saying “he never does anything for me” instead of trying to understand why and M.A.F.E. to do nice tings for the guy (Make A F***ing Effort – a good friend taught me that).

Every time I hear/sing that song it brings tears to my eyes because it’s so sad how people just forget to treat other people. In the end, someone gets “broken”. And it’s not just girls breaking guys… It goes both ways. Let’s just start feeling the love! Maybe use this song as your inspiration to “apply a little lovin'” to some perfectly awesome people who may have lost a little ‘peace’ of themselves.

Lyrics for “Victim of a Foolish Heart”

Your scars were still showing
When I first met you baby
From all the wrong she had done to you
Then I came along and applied a little lovin’
Slowly but surely I brought you through

Now she’s back to rekindle that old flame
She’s got a different angle baby 
But she’s playing the same old game

Baby don’t be a victim of a foolish heart
Don’t let her lies get next to you
She’s just tryin’ to tear us apart
She’s tryin’ to make me her victim too

Now I know she comes around here every time I leave
(Look out baby)
Because she knows she’s still on your mind

Even a wise man jumps in misery somewhere down the line
(Listen Baby)
But only a fool would jump the second time

Our affair is growing stronger everyday
Don’t let her come and steal our happiness away

Baby don’t be a victim of a foolish heart
Don’t let her lies get next to you
She’s just tryin’ to tear us apart
She’s tryin’ to make me her victim too

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R & B

I must have led a very sheltered life.

Until I turned 30, I had never heard of John Lee Hooker. The only reason I know now is because I caught a documentary on him one night. It was very interesting. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the night, so my knowledge retention on this one… You get it, right?

I still consider myself to be an R & B virgin.

Heck! Until last Christmas, I had NO IDEA that Earth Wind and Fire did a cover of the Beatles song “Got to Get You Into My Life”!

It turns out I LOVE IT!!!

Also, I had a CD for almost 7 years that I never listened to. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for it. Have you ever heard of Joss Stone (it’s The Soul Sessions)? Man, that hot white chick can SING!!! If only I would have known back in the olden days when I had enough money to go off buying everything all willy-nilly… Drawback of growing up I guess.

Tell me what I should know. Teach me more…

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